I've been using BT5 r3 since it was released, I'm a student in my final year studying PT and EH. Recently I have noticed problems with JTR and cracking NTLM and some MD5 passwords.

From what I gather john seems to cache the previous list thus making the job in hand more difficult. I like john its ideal for some situations but this puts me off.

Is anyone experiencing anything like this or could shed some light on the subject.

Primarily I don't do that much password cracking with john, but would like to find a fix. Or if someone can point me in a more applicable solution :-D that would be far better.

Generally Ophcrack will get most pwords I'm after with GPU support, but I'm right in the middle of exams - and am struggling to dig into the problem myself.
Most pwords are alpha-numberic with symbols and over 8 characters.

I did have an account on here - but lost it when my university changed to using outlook.com agggggggggg.

Thanks folks.