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Thread: Passive vulnerability scanning of MFPs?

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    Default Passive vulnerability scanning of MFPs?


    I'm a security technician trainee on a task to find vulnerabilities of over 800 multifunction printers (MFPs) connected to an internal network and so far I found a few using basic pentesting methods and knowledge about MFPs vulnerabilities.

    Doing this task manually is very time consuming, as you can understand, and was wondering if someone could recommend me a passive vulnerability scanner that can help out with the task? Going trough each printer host manually and check for vulnerabilities is to time consuming and using an active vulnerability scanner like Nessus is not recommended for scanning printers as I understand it? Also I can't use Nessus home edition for this task and openVAS is also an active scanner, so I'm out of options here I feel.

    Also I'm aware that the results from vulnerability scanners are not 100% accurate and can miss some information, but at least its a bit useful during the work I have to do.

    Appreciate any other recommendation to make this task easier.

    Edit: I got help from my supervisor letting me know it is ok to use openVAS, so no need for a passive scanner which I misunderstand the use of from beginning.
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