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Thread: Noob question about b/g wi-fi adapters

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    Default Noob question about b/g wi-fi adapters

    Hi, i want to buy a awus036h wifi adapter. I have read some reviews saying that the problem of this adapter is that you cant connect to n networks becouse awus036h is only b/g. I know this is not true (am i wrong?) becouse 802.11n should be backward compatible with b/g but this lead me to another doubt. I can connect to n networks (even if with lower rates) but can i inject packets (ie send a deauth packet) to a station that is connected to an n-AP using the n protocol?
    If this cant be done maybe i should buy the awus036nh even if reviews (and posts on this forum) about this adapter are not so good.


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    Default Re: Noob question about b/g wi-fi adapters

    There should be other threads regarding this adapter, you might find your answer there.
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