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    Default KWiFi Manager

    As you know the KDE includes KWiFiManager. Somehow KWifiManager picks an interface to use, is there a way I can tell it to use a certain Interface? When i only have wlan0 it chooses that 1, but when i got 2 cards in it chooses ath0 as the interface to report on. Since ath0 is usually in monitor mode when i have it in, i would like it always choose wlan0.

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    I think Kwifimanager pulls its device list from /proc/net/dev
    I'm guessing since this is listed in alphabetical order its going to grab ath before wlan

    Have you tried the configuration manager - I just turned off autodetect and specified my interface and it remembered it when i reopened it.

    I'll have a play when im back in native mode. Damn Vmware and PCMCIA

    let me know if it works out.


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