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Thread: Blackberry Playbook compatibility?

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    Default Blackberry Playbook compatibility?

    I've been looking into the possibility of deploying the BB/PB as a BT machine.

    After searching for hours trying to find out which wireless chip set the PB uses I found this link that threw-up some interesting info. It apparently uses the WiLink 7.0 WL1283 from TI.

    From there I went to the TI web-site and found the link below that does mention something about 'injection of custom IEs'.

    If it is possible to over-come the initial challenges of installing BT on a tablet, does any one know if this has the making of a potential candidate as a BT machine?

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    Just burned their ISO
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    Default Re: Blackberry Playbook compatibility?

    Talking of the initial challenges, would it be necessary to 'jail-break'
    the PB with Dongleberry first? It's a shame you can't get something like
    a virtual machine up and running of these tablets!
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