I'm having some trouble installing BT5 r3 to my existing laptop running Ubuntu 12.04 on a SSD. I've loaded BT5 onto a bootable USB drive and booted from there, then selected "Install Backtrack" from the desktop. This works fine until step 4 of the graphical installation. At step 4, no drives are detected at all. The list of partitions is blank and the controls (except for Quit and Back) are greyed out.

My SSD is otherwise mountable/useable when running BT5 from the USB drive. I've already made an empty partition on my SSD for the BT5 installation. The installer just can't see any drives at all. I'm wondering if some special drivers or configuration is necessary.

The version I am attempting to install is the Gnome Desktop, x64 bit version (I'm running x64 Ubuntu 12.04 on this laptop).

All of my searches so far, on this forum and on Google, have returned results for installing BT5 to a USB stick and making that perisistent. I have not yet come across any information about the installer not being able to install to a SSD. BT5 otherwise works fine with my laptop when running from a USB drive.

Any help is appreciated!