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Thread: WARNING: Receive timeout occurred

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    Default WARNING: Receive timeout occurred

    Hi can anyone help, im new to all this

    I have BT5r3 and im using reaver all was going good until i got this message "WARNING: Receive timeout occurred"

    anyone now why this has happened ? can i restart from where its left off>

    i got this far when it happened

    +] 21.96% complete @ 2012-10-14 01:28:45 (2 seconds/pin)

    Thank you for any help.

    The Newbie

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    Default Re: WARNING: Receive timeout occurred

    this happened to me , i ran airodump-ng and the network i was trying to " get " was no longer there , which means that the rooter was plugged out by its owner , and yes you can restart from where it's left off since reaver automatically saves it self ( session saved )

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