Got a probleme when I try to run the graphics mode of BT5R3 form a USBLive key form my netbook.
The screen stay at the statement "checking battery state" ...
I make some reseach and no solution work, I hear is about the graphics carte's driver but my carte is kindly wierd is something like a "mesa X 11" i don't even find the referance on google...
I try to reconfigure the "xorg.confg" file but he dosent even apear on tbe file list. :/
However the iso work i try to launch him form a virtual machine.
On my Hardrive I have 2 partition, a backup manufacturer partition named "pqservice", a partition with windows 7 and something like 40go of free space.
Ubuntu 12.04 TLS work well on my computer i've try with a another live key.

I have no idea what i'm suppose to do, anyone here had the same probleme before ?

(Sorry for my english i'm French)