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Thread: Need Help getting internet in Backtrack 5 live cd/usb mode

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    Question Need Help getting internet in Backtrack 5 live cd/usb mode

    I've been searching for a fix to this for about 2 days, i've watched every youtube video, read every single article, searched pretty much the entire internet and i haven't gotten a fix/solution, and i finally decided i'd give up and make a forum thread.... so i'm using a desktop, i have a NETGEAR-3100 USB Wireless adapter, and i boot my usb up, and start backtrack 5 up and i go to wicd manager, and it says couldn't connect to d-bus interface something like that, but i've read articles saying that means nothing, so i just click ok, but it says no wireless networks detected, which completly puzzles me, because theres a router in my house only 2 rooms away, and the signal strength is 100%, how could it not detect it? And i've tried networking start command, i've tried a bunch of things, can somebody please help me? I'm really losing my patience and i desperately need an answer/fix.

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    Default Re: Need Help getting internet in Backtrack 5 live cd/usb mode

    Read the "How To make a valid Thread" sticky and come back with a more detailed post.
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    Do not read the Wiki, most your questions will not be answered there !
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