I'd like to apologize for posting a airmon-ng question i know their is alot of them.

But if you could help me with my little problem i would gladly appreciate it.

Ok i am following this tutorial http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ACEv2EgDT8I

But like many newbs i have seemed to run into problems with airmon-ng.

now before i posted on here i did some searching on the airmon-ng site to see if my usb adapter was compatible but even after reading their tutorials i didnt really understand if my chipset was compatible or not.

I am running the Usb adapted n-300(WNA 31000) on the backtrack 5 (i know the video runs it on 3 but i didnt think it would cause any problems)

when i get onto backtrack 5 i log into it with root\toor password then i disable my network adapter and connect my usb adapter (it shows onto the bottom right of the vm player)

and when i type in airmon-ng i get nothing now i am basically thinking that my usb adapter is just not comparable but i would still like to get a second opinion.