Has anybody used Etekcity wifi adapter? The 3 reviews on amazon that mention backtrack say the following:

It doesnt work with backtrack, it cannot ... replica of the original Alfa AWUS036H. use Gerix software included in backtrack 4 and 5.
works great. doesn't get hot like the realtek rtl8187 based adapters. but being a ralink rt3072 chip you may not be able to use this in backtrack 5 for testing..., but for use as a basic wireless network adapter this thing can't be beat for the price and performance, looks really cool too. all-in-all its a great product.
This adapter works in linux using the rt28*usb driver it is plug and play, it does see more networks then the wifisky 1500, both adapters can be put into monitor mode, and injection does work in both ubuntu and backtrack. Using ubuntu 12.04 adapter works flawless using the rt2800usb driver. they do also include a link to download the drivers, along with a mini disk. Well worth the price. shipping was 1/2 the price of the adapter but is put in a box to keep from getting damaged. On a side note the link for the driver is a .dmg file (mac disk image).
so I'm a little lost. They are bunch of threads that mention the Alfa 036H is amazing but a lot of people are still having issues with the Alfa 036NH. So I was wondering has anybody used this and if it works with all the backtrack softwares. I'm a noob and can't test things and know for sure if its the adapter or if its me screwing up.