Hi! I am running BT5 64bits and i've expecting problems trying to connect or even use my Broadcom Card (BCM94313HMGB Driver: BRCM80211), I must say that the computer detects it and I can see it with iwconfig but if I try to use wicd it freezes or if I try to scan for networks with "iwlist wlan0 scan" it freezes and I have to restart again.

I had t reinstall backtrack because of a HD broken and when I tried to connect through my Wicd it freezes out and displays "Could not connect to Wicd D-BUs" so I tried alot of things with wicd and then a tried using directly wlan0 using iwlist wlan0 scan or airmon-ng starl wlan0 and it freezes out again..

NOTE: When I was using the last HD it worked just fine and I have the same model of HD that I had before, I cant understand whats wrong..

I removed wicd and I can only connect via ethernet... Please, someone any help?