So I'm having some trouble with my wordlist/dictionary attack on the ssh service of a VM I have set up. That problem being that it takes a ridiculously long period of time to finish the test. I was reading somewhere that the same test took somebody an hour or two maximum. For me, however, I began the attack on one user that I know exists last night before I went to bed. I woke up, 7 hours later, and it had made minimal progress (77000 out of 1,700,000 using the darkc0de.lst).

So I added some more RAM to the VM and that didn't make it go much faster at all. I had initially had it at 1 GB of RAM, then I pushed it to 3 GB. I do realize I only have it set to 5 threads (I think that's the term, at least. Referring to the -t option). However, the "tutorial" I was following did the same thing, and it only took an hour or two allegedly.

Am I doing something wrong? Or does hydra always take an excess of 100 hours to complete?

Thanks for the help!