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Thread: how do i install drivers in Backtrack 2 ??

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    Arrow how do i install drivers in Backtrack 2 ??

    hi im am a total newbie at linux and at backtrack 2 so i came here for help i´ve downloaded this driver ipw 3945 ( and i need to install it i extract it from the zip go inside and all i find is read files... so what i want to know is how do i install the drivers??

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    If your noob do what i did, get the ipwraw module for bactrack 2(search the forums), place it in the modules folder of your livecd/USB flash drive.

    If you are putting it on a livecd drag the modules into the /bt/modules/ folder, extract the ISO to a location on your PC and use the .bat file located in the /bt folder.

    You might need to edit the .bat file to look like the below code.

    REM  ----------------------------------------------------
    REM  Batch file to create bootable ISO in Windows
    REM  usage: make_iso.bat c:\new-slax.iso
    REM  author: Tomas M. <hxxp://linux-live.0rg>
    REM  ----------------------------------------------------
    if "%1"=="" goto error1
    cd ..
    bt\tools\WIN\mkisofs.exe @bt\tools\WIN\config -o "%1" -A "%CDLABEL%" -V "%CDLABEL%" .
    goto theend
    echo A parameter is required - target ISO file.
    echo Example: %0 c:\target.iso
    goto theend
    echo Can't recreate isolinux.bin, make sure your current directory is writable!
    goto theend
    echo New ISO should be created now.

    Then you would open a command prompt and cd to the directory that the extracted iso is in, cd to the /bt folder and type "make_iso.bat c:\your-backtrack-folder-here\new.iso"

    Obviously editing it with the right folder.

    Hope i helped =/

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    theres was a reply in here with some guides i followed them and they did work thanks to whoever posted them here now i hav another problem i cant run Kismet if i go to

    Backtrack>Radio Network Analysis>80211>Analyser>Kismet

    Kismet opens but it closes it self straight away doesnt even stay open for 1 second and if i type Kismet in the commands thing it shows this

    bt ~ # kismet
    Server options: none
    Client options: none
    Starting server...
    Waiting for server to start before starting UI...
    Suid priv-dropping disabled. This may not be secure.
    No specific sources given to be enabled, all will be enabled.
    Enabling channel hopping.Enabling channel splitting.
    FATAL: No packsources were enabled.
    Make sure that if you use an enablesource line that you specify the correct sources.


    EDITh i dont have Backtrack 2 installed in my Hard drive i just boot the cd if that changes anything...

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    Default enable sources

    the text output you posted tells you that you have no sources enabled ( for now sources = wifi cards) so go to your kismet.conf file and enable the sources depending on what kind of wifi card you have, further information on this exact same problem is scattered all around this forum, just search kismet and possibly you wifi cards' chipset to narrow the results. peace
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