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Thread: Make repositories for backtrack?

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    Default Make repositories for backtrack?

    Why not make backtrack a distro.. I mean if you guys create a distro then the users can update changes more frequently (when installed to hdd) and make use of any changes more faster.

    Ofcourse this is if you guys have time, space etc etc.. this is just an suggestion.

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    you can update changes in live install !!!

    you can install all thing you want.....via modules....
    just need to convert from other type packages(rpm, tgz, mo etc....)

    the repositories are a idea im working on but we miss a reliable long lasting hosting for lzm modules........i think we can build a update & package manager with only lzm......

    may a donation of 1 $ per members can be organized by mods in order to afford this 1 or 2 go hosting we need.....a simple ftp server could do the job but must be secured and long lasting hosting plan.....
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    It is something, that I am currently investigating.

    There are a few details left to sort out before any commitment or announcements are made, but things are looking hopeful.

    But there are no guarantees at this point.

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