Hi there BackTrack community!

  • USB persistent LIVE
  • Used a universal boot drive creator, then redid it with unetbootin
  • Each time I formatted the disk through the command prompt using commands such as clean and create primary partion etc

The above is a list of steps that I've done to get past previous problems to get me to where I am at now. So I turn on my laptop and choose the option to boot the OS from my thumbdrive.

When I select default or boot text mode The splash(?) Will appear but I will not be able to see my mouse. Sometimes pressing the arrows keys will make a screen pop up with what I assume to be the workings of the OS. IfI wait long enough, a screen in the middle will appear on it's own and do it's thing...Eventually I come to the following messages...

Mind you I didn't right them all down completely so bear with me

  • Please enter the maintence password for root (The problem is, no input except for the enter key or ctrl+d will be taken)...the password would be toor if I could type, right?
  • I press control+d then -> umount: /cow:not found
  • -> umount: /filesystem.squashfs: not found
  • /cdrom device is busy
  • /dev device is busy

I also remember at one point reading something about a debian CD and the architecxture.

Any advice for me?