i have in installed the back track- 5 R2 in desktop(Dual boot win7 ultimate is already there). Tried to connect the wireless router using Wicd Network manager.
Wicd network manager displaying the wireless network name which is

network name 76% WPA2 channel 11 ,i have selected the WPA 1/2 (preshared key) from property drop down and entered the key(which is using to connect the windows 7 and other pcs too).i have checked the DHCP host name bt
Automatic DHCP client;Automatic Wired link detection; Automatic Route Table Flushing.
WPA Supplicant Driver: Wtext
checked these settings- Use dBm to measure signal strength,ping static gateway after correcting to verify association.

Using wireless adapter:- Belkin Model:F7D1101 V1

Please help to connect to wireless network in my pc