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Thread: Diference between BT R versions

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    Default Diference between BT R versions

    Hello there!
    I have some questions.First of all, what is the difference between Backtrack 5 R3, R2, R1 and Backtrack 5?
    Also, I tried to read wiki to see how I install the OS, but I couldn't find the appropriate section.I want to install Backtrack (with the easiest way) and have dual-boot with Win xp.
    Thanks in advance

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    Default Re: Diference between BT R versions

    There is a dual boot install option on the Wiki, I suggest you try and read that up see if that's what you want.
    As for the differences, generally there are upgrades (kernel and applications) between them. We recommend you use the latest backtrack 5 r3.
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    Default Re: Diference between BT R versions

    R is short for Release.

    >R value == Newer release.

    Using R in such a manner is a widely known industry standard. If you're not familiar with it then BT might not be a good distro for you as it's aimed at IT/IS professionals and paired with tools which can cause damage to networks and resources. Used such in the wrong way may land you in legal trouble or causing headaches and financial loss for others. You might be better off and more comfortable using Ubuntu which is aimed at a more general user base.
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