I have read as much as I can on how to use the files downloaded from the famous renderman 33gb rainbow table.
Here is where i stand.

I have succesfully ran a regular brute force and dictionary file with WEP, WPA and WPA2, I'm now trying to use this prehashed enormous file but I'm having trouble to understand the processes of adding a new SSID to airolib to use with cowpatty
My understanding as of today is that the renderman tables come with the 1000 most popular SSID and some precalculated hashes for those SSIDs, each of one on a separate folder. What I don't completely understand is that if I add the new SSID to the airolib db, then export to cowpatty format a file that comes with the renderman file (ex. xaa-0/linksys/) , because my new SSID does not have a folder with all the precalculated hashes, what I'm I adding, what do I need to add?.

At this moment I have some handshakes that I would like to test, but can't run it against an SSID that is not with the top1000

Thanks for the help.