For starters I'm new to linux in general.

I've been trying to install BT5 R2, and/or R3 on my toshiba satellite c655 with both live cd's and live USB's. I've downloaded BT5 R3 x32 and x64 GNOME, as well as BT5 R2 x64 KDE (all md5sum verified) and seem to have the same problem with everything I use. Upon boot up it will load through to the splash screen every time; here's where it gets weird, the install will freeze at a random point once it reaches the bash prompt. Sometimes it will allow me to get as far as step 7/7 on the install, sometimes it will freeze before I even get a chance to type startx. This has been a problem on disk and usb on all three versions, any idea what's going on here? Is it a hardware compatibility issue, bad luck, pebcac? Any help would be greatly appreciated.