Hey, Im Spikey,

I was using this guide to install Active Perl and use an Admin_CP_finder script, but I was unable to install AdminPerl.
First things first, disregard that Admin_CP_finder script because i never even got to that part so really its about Active Perl.
I am using VMware workstation to run BT 5r3 as a Virtual Drive on Ubuntu x64 (i think ). My PHYSICAL computer is windows Vista x64.

Here are the steps I took to install Active Perl

I download ActivePerl, from the site that guide linked to me. Extract it to desktop with winrar, then i open my terminal, go to directory (cd /root/Desktop/ActivePerl(Irenamed it because at first it was really long with version info) and typed:
sh install.sh
just like the READ-ME says.
When i do this i get this message:


In case the image doesnt go through, i pretty much get spammed with:
- file 'perl/lib/Pod/(somefilename)' missing
I have come to realize the problem: the "Pod" folder doesnt exist!
"pod" does, but the installer is looking for Pod so it is failing do to capitalization.
I tried some moving around but everything seems to be messed-up-capitalized.

Need help pretty bad, and ideas?
Is there a way to get Ubuntu to disregard capitalization? If not why would Active Perl Release this program that cant install?

If you need more info ask away because im not sure what info is important or irrelevant.