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Thread: Broadcom BCM4313 monitor

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    Default Broadcom BCM4313 monitor

    Hi there.
    After hours of reading topics on this thread I'm really really lost.
    I got the BCM4313, which comes with the 'brcmsmac' driver on BT5r3
    As I've learned, 'b43' supposedly enables monitor mode,
    but [14e4:4727] is still @ WIP. Furthermore I'm not exactly sure whether 'brcmsmac' is newer and better than 'b43'.
    Many many people have tried but the most topics are already outdated. So what's the latest state?
    Should I wait for b43 to get done, or leave the 'brcmsmac' or simply buy an 'alpha AWUS**** wireless card' ?

    Many thanks

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    Default Re: Broadcom BCM4313 monitor

    b43 driver is not new. It is well known and documented.
    Refer here:[]=b43

    By the way, if you are to buy an alfa, my piece of advice is alfa 500 or alfa 1 if you want something with "work out of the box" term...

    Or even better, refer here:


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