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Thread: GUI Script?

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    Post GUI Script?

    -.- I cant add [solved] to the title

    I have found how to run commands at start up in kde (no thanks to Google)

    and...... its a *face palm* moment

    I created a shell script

    xrandr --output default --mode 800x600 --pos 0x0 -- rotate normal
    wicd up
    start > settings > system settings > start up and shut down

    auto start > script file > add script > start up enabled

    This fixes my resolution issue on login and as a bonus connects me to the internet.


    I bought this bad boy specially for backtrack.... its a sony vaio p (vgn-p11z/q)
    It has a gma500 graphics card (but i don't think my problem is driver related)

    Its a piece of crap... but its tiny, has a proper keyboard, wireless, bluetooth, 3g, usb ports.... bla bla bla

    So heres my problem (on usb and hdd install)

    When I reboot my display settings revert to 1600x768 and the menu bar un-maximizes

    The resolution I want to use is 800x600 (if i can set this resolution the menu bar not saving isn't an issue)

    Modifying the xorg.conf file has no effect (all the default modes are set to 1024x768 but startx loads at 1600x768)

    running the command
    xrandr -s 800x600

    so im wondering how I can get that to run when I startx

    Is there a location i can drop this .sh file into so that it will auto run on startx?

    xrandr --output default --mode 800x600 --pos 0x0 --rotate normal
    Will it need a special name? or will I need to mod another file to point to it?

    Thanks in advance this has been bugging me for days.
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    Default Re: GUI Script?

    Iv been messing with an rc.local
    file but I must be doing something wrong?

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