so basically i'm trying to do this the hard way, without using db_autopwn since there's none in backtrack 5 R3!

I have scanned my target and got the vulns list by running the vulns command, so i get something similar to this (3NEXPOSE-udp-ipid-zero
vulns):[*] Time: 2012-11-13 09:08:23 UTC Vuln: host= name=ICMP timestamp response refs=CVE-1999-0524,OSVDB-95,XF-306,XF-322,NEXPOSE-generic-icmp-timestamp[*] Time: 2012-11-13 09:08:23 UTC Vuln: name=TCP timestamp response refs=URL-,URL-,URL-,NEXPOSE-generic-tcp-timestamp[*] Time: 2012-11-13 09:00:50 UTC Vuln: name=UDP IP ID Zero refs=NEXPOSE-udp-ipid-zero

what can i do from this point to start exploiting the vulnerabilities ? I've tried reading the metasploit book but there's no mention about what to do without db_autopwn (older version of metasploit). It only assumes that we somehow know that the target has a specific vulnerability and continues from there, it doesn't mention how we can exploit the vulnerabilities found from a nexpose scan.

in other words:

I was wondering how on earth does this relate to selecting an exploit from the list of exploits and trying to run a payload ... how does autopwn find the exploit to work with from the above results? There's a reference (e.g. NEXPOSE-udp-ipid-zero) can i find the module to use from the reference somehow ?