ok so i just got a virus that created a bunch of temp files on my network service and local service folder in windows xp, and even in safe mode i could not delete some of them cause it was "in use". so i'm using the backtrack live cd to navigate and manually delete those files. however, when i deleted it to the trash can, there was some issues and i can't empty the trash and also the trash can stopped icon don't appear anymore. logging off and on don't help. so i want to shutdown the computer and my questions are these:

1) if i have items in the trash can and i don't empty the trash can and i shutdown the computer, does backtrack automatically delete all the files in the can?

2) the backtrack live cd creates temporary folders when it's loaded right? so anything that was create during the live sessions including backtrack files automatically gets cleaned up on shutdown? so if i install a program, it would delete all pertaining files on shutdown?

so i guess my overall question is does backtrack live cd clean up after itself when the session is done? or is there any kinds of files still on my HD even when i shutdown from the live cd??