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Thread: REQUEST and DISCUSSION: BT5R3 and Windows 7 Dual-Boot

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    Cool REQUEST and DISCUSSION: BT5R3 KDE x64 and Win 7 Pro x64 Dual-Boot

    Hi all you pros out there =)

    Okkies I think it may seem the "whole world" is having issues with dual-booting with Windows 7.

    Windows 7
    Backtrack5 R3 KDE x64

    All options given by the installation wizard of Backtrack don't seem to be able to work. I mean installation is all fine but it is the booting into BT that is the issue

    Options given are "side-by-side", "use entire disk", "use next empty space" and of course "specify partitions manually"...

    Side-by-side installation actually wont have any effect on the booting up of Windows 7.
    WinXP is all fine and lovely. For WinXP, GRUB will take over the boot loader. "suspicion is that WinXP has boot.ini and Windows 7 no longer has this file".

    So for windows 7, it seems that GRUB could not "take over" the boot loader, so to speak. As it will simply boot into windows upon restart has used EasyBCD for dual-booting BT5R2 with Windows 7 which I have tried to use for BT5R3 dual-booting.
    BT5R3 actually gets listed in a "boot-selection-screen"

    When i attempt to boot BackTrack from there onwards, the response i got was BT is missing or corrupted.
    *Windows is still fine by the way, i can still boot windows*

    So what I did next was to use EasyBCD to spam entries for each and every possible /dev/sda's to see if the boot loader GRUB could be "detected" from the different "partitions".
    NOTE: "side-by-side installation by default will install BT's boot loader to /dev/sda..period..i think we all know this.

    but...sadly it seems there is hardly any tutorials on how to work this around. actually told me that he will attempt it over the past weekend, however has not done so. Its ok.

    Have anyone of you guys out there managed to dual-boot ANY BT5R3 with Windows 7?
    Do let me know and I hope this thread can also serve as a guide for those attempting dual-booting BT5R3 and Win7
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