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Thread: Wifi set up help please

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    Default Wifi set up help please

    ive done my googling and cant find a solution, my wcid manager cant find any wireless networks so currently i have to use anothe laptop with a networkbridge to connect to internet, i have downloaded my driver "iwlwifi-2030-6.ucode" and placed it in lib/firmware after i did that the wlan0 became visable before i added that driver wlan0 did not exist , essid is off i tried "iwconfig wlan0 ESSID on" but it did not work.

    how do i setup the wireless , how do i get wcid manager to detect my wirless network ,there are multiple wireless networks wcid doesnt detect any of them.

    ive attached a screen shot with the ouputs of "lsmod" , "ifconfig" , "iwconfig" , "lspci | grep -i network".


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    Default Re: Wifi set up help please

    After startx, start the networking services: /etc/init.d/wicd start

    Then open up the Wicd (GUI) and try to attach to a AP...The Pics are very very small, mini tiny..Sorry, cannot see them clearly.


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    Default Re: Wifi set up help please

    sorry went out of town for a little while, but i found the problem in wicd since my wlan0 never showed up before i installed the wireless driver i didnt have wlan0 in the wireless interface in wicd , such a simple problom and it took me days to fiqure it out lol always forget to look at the easist things , but i do have wireless now time to learn about everything else ow haha.

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