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Thread: BT crashed booting

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    Default BT crashed booting

    Hi, i always get the same problem.

    I use a USB booted BT5R3. Usually first boot everything works fine but when I reboot I always get the same error during booting:

    I have noticed I only get this error when I use a persistent USB version.

    I use a 3.0 16G USB.

    I have MD5 checksumed it, and its a match.


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    Default AW: BT crashed booting

    i read much "EXT2" have right installed your BT-System? With all needed Parts, Swap etc, right formated HDD. You installed on Stick? So u need first formated Fat32, i read this. Read about "casper-rw" with ext2 or ext3 formation. You have more Partitions on the Stick?

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