So I'm running backtrack 5. Postgresql is already installed, but I need to change the settings so that the server accepts connections from other machines (instead of only accepting connections on localhost).

This is what I've changed.

added "-h" (without any quotes) to the POSTGRESQL_START variable. This is the IP of my backtrack VM.

Changed 'localhost' to '' (with single quotes)

changed #listen_address from 'localhost' to 'localhost,' (with single quotes)

Added the following lines:

host all all md5
host all all md5
host all all md5 didn't appear to work, so I explicitly added the backtrack box and the box I want to remotely access the database from.

So, the problem is when I start msfconsole (or teamserver) I get the error "Failed to connect to the database: could not connect to server: Connection refused." and then the question "Is the server running on host "" and accepting TCP/IP connections on port 7337?"

Since I edited all of that and rebooted the machine before trying to open a console, I would think it should be. But apparently I did something wrong. Any ideas what that could be?