When I type the following command while john is running I get the following.

# john -status=john
guesses: 0 time: 8:20:31:52 0%00% (3) c/s: 4068

I don't know how to interpret this but it looks like nothing is happening.
When I press the space bar on the terminal window it does give me the current PW it's tryng.

If I cat the john.pot file it shows me some passwords.

However when I type the following I get the following,

john --show john
4 password hashes cracked, 0 left

The john program continues to work, as I mentioned when I press the space bar it shows me the current try.
I also know that that the shadow file has more passwords. I can see names in the list with encrypted pw's in it.

I have been running this for about 2 months. Can anyone help me to understand the results of my various commands.