I've read about the ability of truecrypt to create a hidden Operating System.
Now my question is:
Is this possible for the combination of Win 7 as Decoy OS and Backtrack 5 as hidden OS?
I've also read about this szenario being realized in this Thread which has a perfect step by step guide:
But in this case both partitions are just encrypted and none is hidden.
I would like the first partition with Win 7 on it to be freely accessible and the second partition to be encrypted with alibi hidden files for the Win 7 Partition and the Backtrack 5 OS as hidden OS on it.
So that on booting the PC I will just be asked for a password to unlock the hidden files.
I can then enter the decoy password and will have my windows 7 with the decoy files from the encrypted partition.
But I could also enter the super secret password noone knows about to just boot in my secret backtrack 5 system.
This way I can justify my second encrypted partition.