Hello all...sorry been busy. I pushed the changes to the master branch on github. It should be v3.7.2 with the fixes from the posts above (dhcp & sslstrip). It's been up there for a bit, just not packaged in a zip file. I was hoping others would test it out. It worked ok for me from a standard BT5R3 iso. Please let me know if issues continue.

If you don't use git, then the quickest way to update is:
1. Go to https://github.com/brav0hax and select easy-creds
2. Click on easy-creds.sh
3. Click the "Raw" button (https://raw.github.com/brav0hax/easy.../easy-creds.sh)
4. Copy/paste into a text file
5. Edit your application paths starting on line 121 <= Very important
6. save as easy-creds.sh into the easy-creds folder

You should now be rockin 3.7.2 with the dhcp & sslstrip fixes.

Let me know if it works or not so I can package it up and see if I can't get it pushed to BT

Best Regards,