My posts are monitored too... and by that I mean there are many (MANY) people here more knowledgeable than I, g0tmi1k and balding_parrot among them. I've used wash/reaver a few times, but I'm far from an expert and probably wouldn't be able to answer your question directly. I probably can help indirectly however.... read on.

I never saw your original post, but I'm very confident that if you carefully read and heed the three sticky posts at the top of this section and start a new thread (in this section) with a meaningful title and complete and concise description of your problem, hardware (if relevant), OS version (e.g. BT5R3-GNOME-VM), etc. that you are likely to get some useful replies. However, the fact that you had a reaver question at all was far from obvious in this thread, so be sure to post a meaningful question.

Before doing that however, please do your assigned reading. That includes the sticky posts at the top of this section, as well as the reaver wiki page. I'm fairly certain that if you Google a few keywords from your question (or use the search bar above), you will find the answer without even needing to ask here. (That's true of almost all the tools in BackTrack.)

But above all, don't pick a fight with the moderators! First, you won't win, second, they're just doing their job, and third, they have bad days too.

Best of luck.