I "was" a first time poster and made a post and the post was deleted and I got a warning for posting in the wrong section.

No, I would like to apologise to every person that that single post being in the wrong post offended, I wonder how many people
It really bothered apart from the webmaster, but anyway, thats thier choice, I think to delete the post and give me "a first time
poster" a warning was very over the top, but as I say,thats that member of staffs choice, I guess I dont have any say in the matter
at all, I thought a private message telling me it was in the wrong section and moving the post to the correct section would have been
a much better idea though.

Anyway, now it makes me scared to post on the backtrack forum at all after that.

Perhaps someone could tell me what section the post should have went in and I will rewrite it in that section please, the webmaster
didnt tell me where it should have went.

All the post was to do with was the Vírgin superhub stopping testing pins and repeating the same one over and over at 90.90% done,
its been driving me crazy for a couple of weeks now.

(thats all the question was or words very similar to that).

hope someone can help and I dont get this deleted and yet another warning, lol.