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    Default Firewall

    hi Guys
    sorry if aint posting in the right thread. my question is simple

    I need a help with Firewall. i would like to know how to Secure my BT5 with a good Firewall configuration

    any one that have good ideas please I appreaciate d help

    thanks in advance

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    Default Re: Firewall

    I don't understand. You want to secure BT5? It's not built to be secure.
    Rather than stating what you want, tell us what isn't working for you, or what you want to achieve and we might be able to help from there. Provided it is something to do with this distribution. If it is just about Firewalls in general, you will need to look elsewhere.

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    iptables is what you are after. There is not a lot going on by default on the backtrack box, it starts with nothing enabled by default so the firewall is effectively useless at that point. If you're enabling particular services, then you may or may not need to firewall them. Realistically, you probably won't, but you can always test your own machine (boot another VM of BT) to see what security you may or may not need.
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    Default Re: Firewall

    thanks guys for yall point of view

    daedalus1776 as Gitsnik said BT5 by default isnt nothing enabled. by asking bout the firewall was exactly to know if ther is anyway to have it and test it how secure it can be, even though
    many users use it for pen testing and such.

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