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Thread: Unexpected error with status 0x0009

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    Default Unexpected error with status 0x0009

    Hi guys

    Im new to the forum and never had the need to make a profile as i found answers to many of my questions on here until now.....

    I booted backtrack 5 via live cd and all went well until clicking to boot backtrack in default text mode at the top of the options that pop up when i did the following occured.IMG-20121102-00054.jpg

    I then restarted and selected to boot in default text mode but using the one on the list third from the top...this then allowed me to say startx etc and i could use backtrack5. I opted to install it and after installation when i select to run it, then all that is displayed in the picture occurs with the last line reading "unexpected error with status 0x0009"

    If anyone could shed some light on this matter i would greatly appreciate it!

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    Default AW: Unexpected error with status 0x0009

    run without installing, check your harddrive, reburn iso (checksum md5), use older version, check your pc compatibily...

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    Default Re: Unexpected error with status 0x0009

    It stops at the line : "/sbin/modprobe -b pci:v00xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"

    It seems to me like you have a nvidia video card...Please post info on the hardware.

    According to the picture , It is trying to load modules using the blacklist command in the conf file...Command: modprobe -b and lines before that command there is a nouveau module trying to be loaded...

    Can you post the dmesg command output?


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