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Thread: check wi-fi driver version

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    Default check wi-fi driver version

    there are many tutorials and how-tos on installing some specific wi-fi driver.

    but, i can`t find how to check what wi-fi driver is currently installed in the system.

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    Lightbulb Re: check wi-fi driver version

    Simply type "airmon-ng" without quotes.
    Then your WIFI interface, chipset and driver will shown up

    Hope will help...

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    Default Re: check wi-fi driver version

    Easy thing if you just know basic linux commands. First is it USB or miniPCI, pcmcia?...

    miniPCI or pcmcia:
    lspci | grep -i network
    get the pci id (xx:xx.x) at the beggining of the output. then: lscpi -vvs xx:xx.x at the end of output, it is the driver used by kernel..

    lsusb | grep -i network
    get the USB : Device and then : lsusb -vvs xxx:xxx

    or use the lsmod and look for the driver one by one. You can use pipes to filter results in lsmod...

    If you want to know about the commands, type "man lspci", man lsusb, man lsmod...Read them....Every single command in linux has its own "man" (stands for MANual).


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    Default Re: check wi-fi driver version

    and how do i switch from one driver to another?

    i`ve just installed compat-wireless on bt5r1 as described here
    because with stock drivers my awus036nh shows nothing in airodump-ng

    but airmon-ng still shows that it is using rt2800usb driver

    maybe, there is some other backtrack and/or driver version i should use with awus036nh on a vmware?
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