sorry i'm not sure to have posted it in the right forum.. so i paste my question here:

Hi all,
i have a doubt related to which environment one should use for pwb course in terms of OS.
I would like to use win7 64bit as host OS plus vmware32bit (backtrack5-r3 as guest) but i' m not sure if i could face issues with nmap (for example i don't know if use nat or bridge in terms of vmware network configuration). May I use just backtrack (installed directly as OS) without vmware?
Could you give me some advices??, then i have read on offensive security site in the registration FAQ ( this:

Each student receives a dedicated machine in our labs. Once you start your registration, we allocate a machine to your account. If your registration isn’t completed in the allocated time, the lab machine assigned to you gets assigned elsewhere

What means "we allocate a machine to your account"?
thanks a lot