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Thread: Sony Vaio VPCEH Core i5 -Backtrack doesnt show that laptop is running on battery !

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    Default Sony Vaio VPCEH Core i5 -Backtrack doesnt show that laptop is running on battery !

    This only happens on my new Sony Vaio VPCEH Core i5.... ive installed it to hardrive on the vaio and 3 other laptops its some kind of weird bug with the ACPI power management.

    If ive got the charger plugged in it says battery fully charged and if i unplug the charger it stays the same just says battery fully charged.

    So basically my backtrack doesnt know the difference between when my laptops running on battery or ac power?

    I get no screen dim and cant change the brightness its on full backlight all the time.

    Can anyone help ?

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    Default Re: Sony Vaio VPCEH Core i5 -Backtrack doesnt show that laptop is running on battery


    I run BT55R2 on an Acer Aspire One D270 and I only have the issue that the brightness can't be set through Fn-Keys or the GUI (Power Management).
    I've found a How-To for re-enable changing of the brightness here, but haven't tested it yet.
    I'm now using another trick. Try
    setpci -s "00:02.0" F4.B=[VALUE IN % HERE]
    I'm still searching a better solution, but until I found something I'll use this. 100% brightness is too much.
    Let us know if this command works for you too!

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