Hi BackTrack forums!

I have this very random problem, i am currently trying to virtualize Backtrack 5 R3 from my windows 8 desktop usin VMWare workstation 9 (tried from player too).

I can boot up Backtrack fine and run all the stuff from commandline, but if i try to do a startx in the virtual machine, the entire host system instantly reboots..
And i can't seem to figure out why ? Anyone encountered this problem yet?

I am totally green at VMware, though i've used other virtualization tools before, primarily from at MAC os x host, and never had this problem before ? :S

I was thinking that it might be the VMware that had a problem, but seeing that it can virtualize other systems fine it had me thinking i might be doing something wrong with this backtrack vm.

Anyone has any ideas as to how i can fix this issue, although i'm quite savy in the shell it's sometimes acquired to see the desktop - speeds things up a bit too

Best wishes