Hi, I'm having issues with a 32-bit BackTrack 5 R3 with GNOME installation to an ASUS EeePC "Seashell series" notebook. I installed it from a Live USB. Keep in mind that when just running a Live USB boot, this problem doesn't occur.
(I've been making the Live USB boots with the Universal USB installer from pendrivelinux.org)
Also please keep in mind that I've religiously searched for other forums/search engines for people having the same problem, but nearly every other person having a 'black screen' problem has it occur after they've run starx.

Here's what happens:
1-I'll turn the device on.
2-Some text will appear and exit the screen extremely quickly(unreadable)
3-The Ubuntu 10.04 logo screen will occur, and the "loading dots" animation will play for about a second.
4-The screen will go black(the screen will still be lighted, though).
5-If I leave it for about 5 minutes, it'll do it all over again but won't do anything afterwards.
6-The device is entirely unresponsive to unplugging/plugging in AC cord, attaching a USB device, or pressing any keystrokes. A hard reset is necessary to get out of the situation.

The prompt is unaccessible to me so I can't provide the output of the basic commands as recommended by "HowTo Make a valid Thread".
There's no readily readable error message from what I can access.

I've been able to try is downloading more 32-bit BackTrack 5 R3 iso's(in case that one was corrupted or damaged) which didn't change anything.
I've also tried using 32-bit BackTrack 5 R1 which successfully installed and runs.( But then there's the wireless card issues that some people to have.)

Any help with this would be awesome.