Hello peoples!
This is my first thread on this forum and i hope I'm not posting it in the wrong section.

I'm a student of Applied Sciences and therefore i wanted to see how secure my Home Network is...
So first thing i did was firing up reaver, worked like a charm within 5 hours and the WPS exploit!
The only thing which challenged me after that was finding a Wordlist which contained my pretty complex pw.
(in the end i wrote in a file myself and it had success of course...)

So now i wanted to gain access to my network and look at the traffic using Wireshark.
I knew the passphrase, but Wireshark did not show me any relevant Packages containing valid IP adresses.
This made me a little suspicious and I've checked why it is behaving like that.
(Tried nmap, arping, arpsniff, angry ip scanner)

We have 4 Pcs and my Laptop in our house.
All of the 4 Pcs have their adresses static and are connected wired to the Router.
So i thought, maybe the Wired interface is a closed environment for itself and the WiFi is isolated.
Turned on my Smartphone, connected to the AP Wireless and tried again with no success.
I can only see failing ARP and DHCP requests along some Netbios data (NBsomethingsomething coming from my own host...)

But the thing is - my AP has the Client isolation feature turned on. (Where the AP does NOT allow communication between clients, afaik)
Dont know since when it has this feature turned on but okey (i used to play my music via airplay which worked a month ago...)

My question is: Is there any other possibility a hacker could gain access to the devices or even the router itself? Is the IP in any other way visible to others?

Macbook Pro, BT5, Vmware, WG111v2 (PrismGT), Netgear Router