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Thread: how to get my resolution to work right?

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    Angry how to get my resolution to work right?

    ok so for starters, im using BT5R3, no probs.

    i have an EEE pc 1005HAB and it has a intel GMA 950 chipset.
    my primary laptop monitor's resolution is 1024x600, works no problem.
    my secondary monitor which is to the right of monitor0, is running at 1024x768.

    the problem is, my 2nd monitors native resolution is 1600x1200. when i go into display settings, i set the 2nd monitor to the higher resolution. BT asks me to log out and back in, no problem. BUT, once i do that and start X again, its back to 1024x768!

    also, i know my video card supports the higher resolution. how? i fire up windows (dual boot), and monitor 2 is running at 1600x1200 just fine....

    any ideas peeps?

    oh ok, heres some more info-
    on boot, the intel GMA 950 reports an error about the virtual display
    something like "resolution mode 2624x1200 not supported"
    which, is true but also not... i mean a virtual display, IS 2624, that makes sense. BUT im using an external monitor, not one single monitor....
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