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Thread: R3 32 bit GNOME FOOBARED?

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    Default R3 32 bit GNOME FOOBARED?

    Hey there,

    So I'm having trouble with GNOME, 32 bit, via direct download.

    I've downloaded 3 times this morning, so I've effectively wasted 7+gig of bandwidth.

    The issue seems to affect both the ISO & VM image, the VM image is archived in .7z and
    neither IZARCH or 7ZIP can read the archive, I downloaded this 1 twice, once in a sandbox once outside.

    The ISO flags the following errors under vbox:

    Suggestions anyone? Yes I have used the search & google, with no luck.

    More notes, this doesn't effect the 64bit version downloaded directly.

    For the 32bit, mounting it via MagicDisk and telling vbox to look there for the install
    leads to the error "Unknown keyword in config file".

    Sorry for the double post, but I figure it may get someones attention.
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