Wasn't sure if this was the correct forum section... I'm not a <i>total</i> nub, and I hope this isnt just a general LQ, though it may be.

I also wasn't sure if this was something other people had experienced. I will attempt to be as detailed as possible here. It really isnt a <i>problem</i> per se, more of an <i>inconvenience</i> really.

I was running Win7x64 and BTr3GNOMEx64 on the same machine. They were on different (SATA) hard drives, with entirely separate boot loaders. (just used the mobo's boot menu to select which HDD i wanted to boot. dont hate. ;P)

five drives installed, four SATA one PATA. All connected directly to the mobo's onboard connectors.

The mobo was using RAID configuration for the SATA drives (PATA is perma-set IDE obvi) and was set this way when BT5r3 was installed.

The only SATA drives that were in a RAID group were the two 320GB disks, forming the "RAID-0 array 1" my Windows 7 OS was installed to. This was the case when BT5r3 was installed.

Ok, done with overview! hah, nitty gritty time...

I recently decided to move Win7 to a single disk. I took an image of the disk with paragon, removed the array 1 group, then put the mobo's settings in the bios to AHCI. After that, just put the image on one of the single drives, and to my immense surprise Win7 booted right up no problems. "Whoa, no way.... easy-peasy.."

I then booted into BT, selecting it's disk from the boot menu as I normally did. After everything was done booting, I went to find my SATA drive I use for storage and... nothing. In the 'places' menu, I found nothing but the 250GB PATA drive I have in a hotswap enclosure (plugged into mobo's IDE). Previously, when the mobo was still using the RAID settings not AHCI, I could access (read/write) all connected HDDs. That includes the RAID-0 array of Win7.

Thinking that it probably had to do with something like non-compatible drivers, i pulled up a terminal and issued the fdisk -l command. The results from that command showed all of my disks correctly, partitions and all. So i then attempted to mount disks, then individual partitions - no dice. I stopped short of an attempt to manually insert them into the associated /etc/*/* tab. I figured I would look for other solutions/answers/voodoo before I went screwing stuff up big time.

I havent tried it at time of post, but i imagine if I set the motherboard back to RAID rather than AHCI I would have access to the disks. Since that was the setting they were originally installed and working with. Is there a different way? Such as modifying how the BT kernel anticipates the HDD bus settings, or loads the drivers? Is that even something that 'drivers' handle in ubuntu? If so, sorry for the LQ.. lmao

(Its not a huge deal, but i do a lot of rebooting. That 30-45 seconds of RAID bios screen after POST gets irritating... lol)

I appreciate the input guys! I do a lot of browsing on this forum for info, I understand how irritating it must be for remedials, such as myself, to come and bother the rocket-scientists about what 1+1 equals. ;P