Installed BT5-R3 and installed NVIDIA drive and got "no screens" error. I have been trying to work on this myself for the past 2 weeks, and have not been able to resolve it, so I need some help. I have searched, read, and tried everything I could find, with no luck. From what I have gathered I guess it may have to do with intel and NVIDIA together? I tried some things that fixed others issues, but did not work for me.

Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2410M CPU @2.3GHz

NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M
Intel(R) HD Graphics Family

I didn't copy info from log, but did from the main error screen. I am just in the middle of work while switched over to Windows 7 on the same computer. Just thought I would post this up first in case someone had any new ideas to try. Will come back and post log, when I get a break.