Hey guys, i really hope you can help me out here.

Ok, simply i want to have my laptop fully truecrypt encrypted but i can seem to get it to work.

I have 2 hdd`s. 1 with win7 and one with backtrack.
Currently booting from the win7 hdd, and i have used easy bcd to edit windows bootloader, and add backtrack.

What i want is to have both hard drives encrypted, and be able to use the [esc] function in truecrypt bootloader to access my backtrack hdd. so it wont show up in the list when windows boots.

I have already used the full system encryption function in truecrypt but it hasnt encrypted my backtrack hdd. and the [esc] function says "No bootable partition found"

So symply
- 2 HDD`s, booting from win7 hdd, and extra backtrack hdd
- Want full truecrypt encryption on both hdds,
- boot to backtrack only from [esc] fucntion in truecrypt bootloader.

HOW CAN I GET THIS TO WORK. Any help will be greatly appreciated and you will be added to my list of ppl not to kill when i take over the world :P