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Thread: Best Performing external antenna for WPN311

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    Default Best Performing external antenna for WPN311

    I have a Netgear WPN311 pci card with my machine setup next to an upstairs window. With prior agreement, I want to connect to a friends connection a few doors down - but at the moment, its just showing with a power fluctuating between 1-5 when i run airodump-ng.

    What additional external antennae can folks here recommend to get the job done??

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    Well, the vertical whip antennas on most routers have very poor performance in the vertical axis - meaning, if you're above the router, expect little to no power. If the router has two antennas, have your friend turn one parallel to the floor. At least that will direct some power your way. You will also have to turn yours parallel to the floor. Also, if you two have windows on a common side of the building, placing the antennas near the window can only help (both antennas horizontal).

    Steel reinforced concrete has a very detrimental effect on an RF signal trying to propagate thru it.

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    Dependent on where you live, California has Fry's (or online) which has monthly offers for Airlink 7-10dbi directional antennas for about $9

    This makes a significant difference in your connection (transmit or receive).

    Keep your airodump-ng active and adjust your antenna at the window for best performance.

    The directional antenna has a standard sma connector.


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